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Leonardo Losacco The Leonardo Losacco's twenty years experience started when he was 22 with important furniture and stairs producing companies.
Leonardo got skilled in each manufacturing process: paneling, hot work, cutting and assembly, setting-up.
It was during a setting-up work that he received the challenge to try to realize a whole loft. He succeeded in the purpose and so he decided to start his own business.
He started up his company in June 2002, moved to Rosignano Solvay (LI), Tuscany, in 2005 and transformed it in the current Mivol in 2011. The company projects and realizes facilities and accessories for housing development, so as lofts and coverings, interior and outer finishes, stairs, penthouses and pergolas.
Mivol is located in a 200 sq warehouse with - of course! - a loft.
Mivol staff will surely contribute to create products with guaranteed effect, improving your space with professionalism, both for housing or business development.